Wrench Interactive - Flash Development


Jason Langdon (Manager, Wrench Interactive) has a background in multimedia production and advertising. This gave him valuable insights into the critical components of branding; something that is still at the core of the Wrench Interactive design process. A consistent brand and site "feel" allows end users to navigate without getting lost or confused (a sure way to make a potential customer take their business elsewhere!)

As our business and client base has grown we have had to learn new technologies; not only how to implement them, but more importantly when to.

From the outset it was clear that our passion was in the creative side of development. Flash skills were honed (starting way back with Flash 4 and the joys of timeline based animations), and more recently this coupled with a strong core understanding of the Flash environment and an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) skillset has allowed Wrench Interactive to branch into larger Rich Internet Application projects, and advanced Flash based sites.

Jason's QBE, and proud of it. We look forward to sharing that experience with you on your next project.

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