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Flash /Actionscript Development

> Developed for SBS Australia
> Built using Flash, AS3, GAIA Framework, XML, Javascript

The 'mY Generation' TV documentary series explored the lives of gen Y'ers in Australia.

Wrench Interactive helped Karmabunny Web Design to head up the Flash development for this site. Together we created a dynamic and interactive website that allows users to watch videos, participate in questionnaires and discuss the series online.

The site is driven by XML and I utilised the GAIA AS3 Framework which allows deep linking and other browser usability functionality not normally associated with full Flash based sites.

Aura Objects
> Developed for Aura
> Built using Flash, AS2, XML, Javascript

We were responsible for bringing the catalog of Aura Objects to life! This involved creating a Flash based system that loads the various sections of the site from XML files kept on the server. Navigation and text information of each section is preloaded, with the images within a subsection only loading when they are clicked (to reduce loading times).

As usability is often a concern with Flash, I integrated back and forward browser button functionality along with deep linking and bookmarking abilities. This site will intelligently resize depending on the users screen real estate available. I look forward to working on more projects like this.


Studio 9
> Developed for Karmabunny Web Design
> Built using Flash, AS2, XML

Working alongside a backend development and creative team, Wrench Interactive helped create a unique feel for the Studio 9 website.

The projects section of the site is controlled by a Content Management System, that generates XML files which in turn are read into the Flash front end. This allows the client to maintain the site without having to interact with the development team. It has been a popular vehicle for Studio 9 to display it's portfolio to potential clientele.

+ Launch site

Associated Global Management
> Built using Flash, AS2, XML, Flash Video

We were presented with a rather unique opportunity to brand this site with a very specific sporting feel.

The distinct voice of a South American football commentator accompanies the user into the site, coupled with a grass green colour scheme - drawing the users attention to AGM's core business of football.

A simple CMS was created which allows AGM to make changes to the talent they manage on the site, including the ability to upload player show reels.


+ Launch site

Here is a selection of further projects we've worked on:

+ Mt Billy Wines

+ Dixon Industries

+ Red Monkey

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