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Rich Internet Application

Event Management System
> Developed for the Lutheran Church of Australia
> Built using Flex, AS3, AMFPHP, XSL, PHP, MySQL

Wrench Interactive was asked to create an Event Management system that members of the church could utilise to register for various church events. A back end interface was created using Flex to offer the administrators of the events quick access to user registrations. The front end presents a seamless path from Step 1 of the registration to the users payment of all costs associated with the Event (ie. meals, accommodation, transport).

The system is now live, but closed to general members of the public for viewing. If you would like to view the Registration process or the back end administration interface please contact us

Online Donations & Payments System
> Developed for the Lutheran Church of Australia
> Built using Flash, AS1, AMFPHP, PHP, MySQL

This site, created completely using Action Script 1.0 and Flash 6 was the first Rich Internet Application we were fortunate to work on. Limitations of the scripting language used were overcome to produce a useable and efficient means for the LLL's userbase to make donations to church causes and also to make payments to certain organisations affiliated with the church. Feedback is still extremely complimentary about the site, and it is currently undergoing an overhaul to make it even more accessible to organisations looking to use it to secure credit card payments online.

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