Wrench Interactive - Flash Development


Gaia is an open-source front-end Flash Framework for AS3 and AS2 designed to dramatically reduce development time.

The Wrench Interactive site was built with the Gaia framework as it’s foundation. This allows search engines to easily index the content within the site, as well as allowing users to bookmark sections deep within the site (go ahead and copy the URL you’re on now, close your browser, reopen it and paste the URL in again – voila, you’ll end up back at this page!). Both of these capabilities are normally difficult to implement in a completely Flash based site; utilising the framework they become a cinch!

The Gaia Framework has a powerful transitions system that helps speed the sometimes complex animation requirements of some Flash based projects. Coupled with the way it handles preloading of assets and various other usability challenges associated with Flash based sites, it provides a cost effective way to approach Flash site development.

In a word (or a sentence as the case may be) this means better Flash sites for less cost.

Please contact us with any questions about the framework and how we might be able to put it to use in your next project.

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